Wednesday, 27 July 2016

L o v e b o x.

Brought these shorts over a year ago on eBay they are hand made and the person who made them never add any extra fabric to cover the zipper which the whole time it would ethier catching my skin or unzippingthe zip it self as the zip was kinda cheap and broken it kept so plaster was my only option lol

Friday, 9 October 2015


So decided to tryout Lush face mask a few nights ago. It was the first time I ever tried a face mask and it won't be the last it was great my face felt soft like a baby but it was a wired feeling not being able to move face as I was finding it so hard not to laugh at my face. I also give myself a deep conditioning hair mask which I just used 2 eggs, 4 spoons of extra virgin olive oil and a spoonful of honey and left that in for 1 hour followed by coconut oil for another hour then washed it out too. I found this recipe on YouTube which I shall link bellow after doing it my hair felt much thicker I'm going to another mask on Sunday with another bottle of because wine is the best company when when you have 3 weeks of nothing.


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Zara top | TopShop Skirt | New Look Cardigan 

Ok first thing first i'm never wearing this skirt ever again!!! it's too short I don't think it was ever this short well... it was short but my butt kinda got a bit bigger Yeah!!! but that because i've grained weight which i don't mind but still i do not understand why store that has a massive section for petit and only have maximum of 5 item for tall when small people can roll up or get clothes tailored to fit them but you cant grow fabric so us tall people our left with:

1. Cold ankle
2. Skirts that are too short
3. Maxi skirt coming to our knees
4. Coat that are too big 
5. or too small because they don't go in arm length size


As you can see by my flawless face I used my Bobbi brown foundation which is amazing!!! only had to powder my face once doing the day but that was because I was walking around London for hours and the weather was kind hot. I decided to site seeing in heel and yes my feet died by the time I got home but it was nice day had lunch with my sister and got a tour of there work place which was great then killed sometime in Starbuck reading Harry Potter.  

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

B o o k C l u b . . .

Ok so i'm sure i've said this before in another post MONTHS ago lol but I really mean it this time. I want to start a book club on my blog as i'm always reading and trying to recommend my friends book but they are a lost corse, we don't share the same idea of what a good book is but that's ok I have you guys and hopefully after trying this out it help me expand my book genres???
So the idea is that I review books i've been reading or have read. 


So the first book series i'm going to review as you can guess is the Harry Potter book. I know everyone in the world has read these books but growing up I never read many because I couldn't, not until I was 16 and a friend brought me the first twilight book which got me hooked, and that's something i'm not ashamed of it just shows it's never to late to learn a new skill but to be honest some times I wish I leant how maybe before doing my GCSE as you can see a total difference in grades but then again it could of been the teaching, I strongly believe it was my school too... but that's another story lol. 
Back Harry Potter... i've read the first one not much I can say really if you've watched the film then its exactly how you've seen it part from a small changes that you can barely recognise but onto book two (Chamber of Secrets) i'm on Page 74 so i'm not going say anything till i've finished it 
P.s I know there is a book missing, I should be hopefully getting on Friday.